Alpha Online

 This is a request for help in connection with Alpha.  Some of us had been hoping to run Alpha in Penicuik  some time in 2020, but covid-19 made it impossible to do that in the normal way. Of course, that’s still the case, but Alpha UK has developed and run an online version which has been amazingly effective in over 1000 churches. We’d really like to pursue the possibility of doing that in Penicuik, and the first step would be to find out if we can put together a team.  Is there some way that this could be conveyed to the members of South Kirk/Howgate,  with a request for anyone who might be willing to be on the team or just wanted to find out more to contact me (either by email or 07955234849)? When I first heard of Alpha online, I was very sceptical as to how it could work without the direct person-to-person contact, but having read about some of what has happened, I have really had my eyes opened. God hasn’t let covid get in the way! So I’m really keen to pursue this and see whether we can get Alpha online running in Penicuik.