Our families, friends and neighbours continue to be very generous to the Foodstore@PNK during this pandemic and we thank you all for this. Please continue to donate as our number of families continues to increase.

The following are the things which we need this week, breakfast cereal, teabags, lentils, jars of sandwich spread, sponge puddings, tinned meat, tinned meals, long grain rice, packets of sauce, chocolate spread, liquid hand wash, jellies, stock cubes, biscuits, crisps.
Jan Naylor01968 673222 or 07740 621814— 
Jan Naylor Mobile 07740621814


As expected, our numbers of families has increased to 21 families this week, approximately 80-100 people receiving food from the Foodstore@PNK. It is incredible that we have been able to sustain this, but without the help of Ali Turbitt (organising the operation) and Anne Pearson handling the monetary donations and paying out as and when necessary, this ministry could not have continued. Can I thank everyone for the donations of all sorts and importantly for their prayers during this difficult time. The following are the things which we are in need of this week, tinned meat, tinned rice pudding/custard, tinned fruit, tinned main meals, long grain rice, jars of sauces (not just Bolognese) chocolate spread, male deodorant, shower gel, soap, shampoo, instant coffee, jam, stock cubes, biscuits. Donations by arrangement with Jan Naylor 01968 673222 or 07740 621814

Sunday 10th May 2020

Please see the YouTube channel for the following:

This week’s reflections.

A recording of the whole service.

An interview with Dr Liz Grant Assistant Principal of Edinburgh University reflecting on COVID-19, leadership & the church.  


Even in the midst of this pandemic we are being shown God’s love with the kindness of strangers.  The generosity of the local people has allowed us to continue our work. This week we have 18 families to help within our community and we thank each of you for your support. The following are the things we are in need of long grain rice, tinned meat, chocolate spread, female deodorants, lentils/broth mix, tinned meals, jars of sauces, tinned vegetables, tinned puddings, tinned fruit, instant whips and jellies, monetary donations. All donations can be dropped off at the Naylor’s home by arrangement. Phone numbers 01968 673222 or 07740 621814.


This week we are feeding 14 families from Strathesk, Cuiken, Mauricewood and Sacred Heart Primary schools.  It is so good that we can continue this ministry during this difficult time for everyone. Thank you to everyone for their continued generosity whether it is known to us or anonymous. The following are the things which we are needing, LOTS OF RICE, tinned meats, tinned rice pudding/custard, tinned fruit, tinned main meals, jars of sauces (not just Bolognese), jellies/instant whips/angel delight, soap, shower gel and antibacterial spray.  Food and money donations can be dropped off by arrangement with Jan on the following numbers.Jan Naylor 01968 673222 or 07740 621814