This is going to be a very difficult time for the Foodstore@PNK due to the Coronavirus.  Our volunteers are continuing their ministry to serve the families in crisis and also to provide lunches for 14 families over the Easter holidays. The following are the things which would help us greatly, all cleaning products, detergent, soap, hand wash, shampoo, washing up liquid, breakfast cereal, long life milk, diluting juice, tinned main meals, crisps, healthy treats, tinned meats, tinned ravioli/macaroni cheese/spaghetti, tinned tuna, Easter eggs. 

Jan Naylor


Sunday School is over
And we are going home
Was the cry at
The end of the class
After which we would 
Joyfully roam

Off with the promise
To be both kind and good
A promise
In our hearts
That we knew
We honestly should

Keep as both wholesome
And as
A model for life
A path down which
We now stride, full of
Adventures, love, loss and strife

I look back
On those old buildings
A “For Sale” sign now adorns
And hear old voices still
Give advice, give support
And duly forewarn

Old grey buildings that
Were never attractive but
Somehow cast authority
Ill-kept and badly designed
For sure, but they meant
Something to my friends and me

The people we met
The things that we did
And the friendships that we formed
To say nothing at all
Of the feelings we had
And those tiles that adorned

The floor, cheaply, in
The building that we bought
That old police station
Such vile green
Should be a sin
It could offend a whole nation

And yet, I smile sadly
As I think here of
All the good souls 
Who have passed
Their bodies may be gone
But in our hearts their spirits last

Years passing,
Weather harrying
And the stones they grew colder
Yet inside we had
Spiritual warmth
That let our minds grow bolder

I look now at
Such pictures and 
These buildings are mere shells
Yet maybe, I think
They always were
And we filled them out ourselves

The crèche
In the small room
With the tightness of space
Such strict teachers, who
With us played games
Told us “behave” and “wash your face”

The Boys Brigade
And the Anchor Boys
On weeknights in the church hall
Not to forget Guides
And Brownies as well
There was something for us all

And the places we went
Onto from there
On up to Teen Ranch
Given rank and 
Billet for the week
We found God within our branch

So yes,
There’ll be a tear
When these buildings
Are no more
But they live on within our hearts
And in our memory store

Jonathan Muirhead